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ceanothus problem

Shropshire, United Kingdom Gb

could anyone tell me why my new ceanothus has started losing its leaves from the bottom upwards leaving just the stalks i have checked for any insect attack but all leaves that are falling off are not eaten
Thank you all



Have you been watering it deply and regularly? Ceanothus are drought tolerant, but not for their first year.

7 Jun, 2011


thanks tugbrethil yes it has been getting quite a lot of water since it was planted and just been to check and ground is still pretty wet perhaps i should take it back to my garden centre where it was purchased

7 Jun, 2011


It could be the best thing, though in my experience as a nurseryman, "bad plants" are usually a rare thing. Be sure to get and follow full planting instructions from the nursery professional. Common mistakes:
Forgetting to water it in the bucket after you get it home.
Being too rough getting it out of the bucket, so the root ball cracks.
Planting too deep--sometimes problems show immediately, sometimes they wait for years.
Too much, or incompletely mixed soil conditioners--they sometimes turn into bad compost heaps underground, releasing toxic gasses.

8 Jun, 2011

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