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ideas for small trees?


By Andrea

Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

Hi in my capacity as a member of our local `In Bloom` group, our current project is to replant some large and fairly deep beds. The bed is about 3 metre square and a couple of metres deep. It is almost in full shade. We would like to plant a suitable tree to give some height and structure, and I wondered if anyone could help with ideas that would be suitable for such a site?



Betula utilis 'Jaquemontii', Sorbus varieties are good, Acer 'Brilliantisimum', Malus varieites, the spreading japanese cherries, like Prunus 'Tai-Haku' and Laburnum 'Vossi'. Hope theres a few ideas there!

19 Nov, 2008


a weeping silver birch would look lovley

19 Nov, 2008


Don't forget to consider some of the larger shrubs too, such as Fatsia japonica or Hydrangea sargentiana, which are both great for shade.

19 Nov, 2008


Thanks for the ideas!

19 Nov, 2008


If the soil is acid, how about crinodendron hookerianum? Mine often flowers three times during the growing season

19 Nov, 2008

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