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what methods can be used to obtain the correct


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A.tilth,B,consolidation,C,pH D, nutrients levels



Correct tilth is achieved with regular cultivation with a hoe or similar tool. It is important not to walk on the soil as this compacts it and removes the air spaces between the grains of soil. Use wooden boards to walk on or if it's the veg plot make beds that are wide enough to reach from the paths (these can be as simple as trodden soil or more elaborate). Don't try to work frozen or saturated ground. Adding organic matter (homemade compost is best) will help to open up the structure of the soil whatever type it is. Clay soils may benefit from grit being added too. If you add organic matter every year the fertility will build up and there will not be any need for fertilisers.
The pH is not easy to adjust, you need to go with the type of soil that you were given. Any pH-fussy plants should be kept in containers or raised beds, it never works trying to change their soil.

19 Nov, 2008


pH can be changed slightly in the short term. Adding lime will make the soil more alkaline, digging in peat will make it more acid. Volunteer is however partly right. These tend to leach out unless repeated on a very regular basis. They do work but you have to be rich enough to employ a gardener.

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19 Nov, 2008

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