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hello there..

i wonder if anyone can identify this shrub for me please and perhaps suggest how i can keep it small and perhaps when and if i can take a cutting to try and grow another?




Looks like Cytisus battandierei, a type of broom. Cannot be kept small, only pruning it tolerates is a quick clip over when the flowers have finished, and only removing a very small amount of foliage. You might find the flowers form seed pods - you can try growing from those.

8 Jun, 2011


Never seen one of those before, Skip!

Hope you're well....

8 Jun, 2011


I know it as pineapple broom. you can do seeds but not sure when you'd take cuttings as I dont grow it.

8 Jun, 2011


I saw one of these years ago in a garden and loved it then. It was quite big ....

1 Jul, 2012

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