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We live in the foothills of the Masif Central (France). We have four seasons and the temperature range is between +35 and -20C. We have cleared brambles from large areas of the stream and planted Rhododendrons. However we have some Photinia 'red robin' and want to know the most advantageous place for them.
The stream banks are in partial shade but the soil is wet when the stream is high (late autumn to early spring). We have areas in full sun but the soil is dry during the summer (although I could pump up water from the stream at a pinch). We also have a possible area that recieves full sun from mid afternoon and I can 'gravity water' this area.
The stream bank would be good but is it too wet? Which area is best?



the Photinia x fraseri likes the sun or semi-shade no need much water, so water them some time
i think than the best area is the second

20 Nov, 2008


I agree with Alexandre,

However are you sure that it can take -20 degreesC.?
I don't think so. Even at 10 degrees F. here in the Pacific Northwest, USA they are severely damaged. Deciduous for sure and then have to regrow. Portugese Laurel might be an alternative although I am unsure of its cold hardiness either. It remains hardier than photinia, -7 degree F. Not sure how that compares to your C degrees.

Funny how 98 percent of the world continues to use that metric and C. system. Only the USA and two other enlighted countries continue to use feet and inches.:-)

Actually I do far prefer the F. system. more precion.
Did you have a low 30 C. day or a high 30 C. day. I think their is a two degree F. difference between the two.

22 Nov, 2008

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