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I have some nice thick plastic tubs that have faded in places from the sun., other than this, they are lovely sturdy tubs
Does anyone know any paint that will adhere to them, but not spray paint. I have asked in many shops, but half the time they are too busy to help, or it might be they can't be bothered! Can anyone help please?....Thanks!



I have painted a few plastic pots,over the years Lin,and used left over paint we had for our shed and from the fence..called 'Garden shades' .If you check them out,they have some nice colours,and it states if they are suitable for different materials..I have had blue,dark green,and seagrass,over the years,and it weathers very well.Have a look in B&Q or Wilkinson's ,if you have them ...:o)

8 Jun, 2011


Thanks Bloomer, I have some of this paint. So yours doesn't peel off then?...thats what I was worried about. I will definately look at the tin in the morning.

8 Jun, 2011


None of mine has ever peeled off,Lin..but I did give them a couple of coats..hope we get to see a pic,when you have done them....good luck :o)

9 Jun, 2011


Thanks again Bloomer, I will make sure you see a pic of them when they're done. I'll pop into Wilkinsons again to see what other colours they do.

9 Jun, 2011

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