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By Hank

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

I've just cleared a small area 4 ft x 4 ft to make another raised bed 10 ins high, but flowers have been growing there for the last 35 years and the soil is rather heavy.
I propose digging it over and growing main crop spuds there for a start, which I'm told will improve the soil, and filling the area to the top as they grow with a mixture of soil,compost,leaf mould and manure as they grow.
Is this a good idea and should I put 9 in or 16 ?
Or is this not a good idea at all ?



Welcome to GOY. spuds will open up your soil well enough Hank
Personally I would use garden compost or multi purpose compost. After I have eaten the spuds I would dig in manure. As for 9 or 16 with me I try to grow as much as I can in a very small space. I have 4 raised beds 3 of which are 2x1 metres and the 3rd is 1 metre sq. Wish I has more space!!

9 Jun, 2011


Thanks for your comments. I have 2- 8ft x4ft raised beds and the new one I've just completed which is only 4 x 4 ft.. I too wish I had more space.
I'm still making mistakes - after my disastrous 5ft high brussel sprouts I 've now set radishes between my lettuce and they've grown so high and bushy they've covered the lettuce. And my spuds are over 3 ft high and still growing and are now propped up by canes.
I'll get it right eventually.

15 Jun, 2011


as long as everything is edible who cares!! Enjoy

18 Jun, 2011


Spuds again ! I set some home guard and arran pilot in late March. They've flowered but a the tops are still healthy, 4ft high and propped up with canes etc. How do I know when they're ready ? I'm told "when the tops go yellow", Is this right ?
And I've found another 4x4ft square just for spuds in future which I've put planks on edge round and dug deeply, should I now fill it with a mixture of well-rotted manure and topsoil prior to setting main crop ?

27 Jun, 2011

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