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Hi guys,Sorry but i'm back for more info.As in my last post i think i am ready to finnish off this project(i think),As you all are aware i have two triangular raised beds.I have taken note of all comments and have lifted all turf from inside beds,I cannot turn over the ground as i cannot get spade or fork to pennetrate the soil because of large pebbles and rubble,So if i fill with screened topsoil 12ins deep will this work or have i wasted time and money to this point.Should i continue or should i stop and cut my losses.The soil i may be using is in one of my earlier posts,I want to thank everyone that responded to my questions i am greatfull for all of your help.My user name says it all about me i have no idea what i am doing,I'm just hoping that it all turns out the way i want it to.Oh one more thing is the soaked cardboard and newspaper on the bottom something i should do or is it a no go.Well guys if i get the right response to this post i wont be bothering you again untill i heve to choose what i can and cant plant in them,Again i cant thank you enough for all your help.By the way would pics of my beds help in any way,I will post pics of finished beds to show you what you have helped me to achieve...CHEERS



Many think they have failed before they have started, have faith in what you are doing.
You can put the soaked cardboard and newspaper on the bottom, add some humus with the topsoil, firm down by treading it in.
Your raised beds will grow many plants, you may need to add fertiliser i.e Blood, Fish and Bone or John Innes base on top. I would start now with Radish, carrots, lettuce, perhaps Courgettes, sow thinly. Once you get started it will give you a great feeling and make you go on. You may not have enough depth to plant brussel sprouts as it will not be firm enough.

9 Jun, 2011


I'm not sure I'd bother with the newspaper and cardboard - now that you've removed the turf, putting your topsoil mix on top should be fine on its own - but the idea of treading it down is a good one, or you're in danger of it sinking too low in a week or so. Tread down and top up again to the level you want, then loosen it all off by lightly turning it over with a fork and relevel ready for planting.
By the way, you really needn't worry about asking questions - if we didn't enjoy answering them, we wouldn't be doing it, Noideaman and yes, we'd like to see photos later on.

9 Jun, 2011

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