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Ideas for a wedding in May

Denbighshire, United Kingdom Gb

can anyone give me some ideas on decorating the church and possibly table displays for a wedding in may, that can be reused or replanted or made from plants,leaves twigs feathers or? that can be regrown. I love flower arranging freestyle! but feel its such a waste and would like some ideas of other ways to decorate. At the moment I only have the colour of the wedding dress... white with amazing black scroll flower embroidary. its beautiful and my daughter looks lovely in it... but she would I'm her mum!!



Hi snowdrop, I am a florist, you say you want something other than flower arrangements there are loads of things you could try, the first thing that springs to mind is planted white lilies, so many different varieties that you can buy in pots growing but you would need to do a bit of reasearch at you local supliers to find out what ones they would be able to get for you in flower for may, where abouts in the country are you? if you get the flying dutch men come to your local florists you may be able to get them this time of year in bloom, but if you are in a remote part of the country this may be difficult as your local florists and garden centre may not use the dutch wholesale guys. also depending on the type and size you want these displays to be, there may be other options that would be easier to get hold of this time of year, you can include all sorts of contorted twig, to give a really contempory theme, or you could dress with big white feathers for a more femine look, and that is just a couple of ideas. going on an all white theme, you can get feathers black, you can include colour if you want to depending on what you want. what sort of size are we talking about? are they going to be on pedistals or free standing? if pedistals would recomend trailing ivy plants planted around the base of your arrangement, you can get them any time of year. what areas of the church do you want to decorate? what is your daughter having in her BQ? theme of wedding ect.. I'll help if i can, but need more info to go on please.

22 Nov, 2008


~ what about lily of the valley in pots ~you might need to order from someone to make sure they are flowering at the right time`could be tricky~ depends on weather and how early~ pots of white tulips surrounded with black grass?

22 Nov, 2008


My small tip. Be careful of white lillies. (Oriental types.) Pollen stains can be devastating to dresses and not to be sexist to the white shirts and tuxes of the men.

Sounds like Majeekahead could help a lot. Fragrance!!!!
Fressia? May. I have no idea what is available over there.

I like the idea of white tulips surrounded by black "MONDO GRASS." Sorry I couldn't help myself. I have been selling a lot of it lately. White on black sounds like I would be careful about it. Minimum of black. One thing I found and collected for an inset on some woodworking I do. The stems of black Maidenhair fern are simply beautiful when dried. Trouble is you should have been growing it five years ago before the big day. :-)

Maybe Majeekahead could come up with some flowers that have some black in them. Of course one could always go with something like 85 percent white tulips, with the balance being black tulips.
Just a thought.
Mine should be taken lightly, I just had a major molar pulled out last week and I am still feeling it.

24 Nov, 2008

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