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2012 giant hebe photos


By Bejabo

Dorset, United Kingdom Gb

Hi just a quick update to my giant hebe. This years photos (in bloom) show that it is still growing (in relation to how far along the fence it is now) and looking wonderful!

Further to my hebe question here are some more in focus photos (must wear glasses more often!).

In our new home we have inherited what I think is a hebe salicifolia. When we first moved in 2 yrs ago it had quite a nice shape to it but I pruned it (porbably very badly) 2 summers a go and now it is huge. The info that I have found on the plant say that they grow up to about 1.8m but mine is about 3m high and 2 m wide. I would love to keep it but I really need to prune it back into shape - do you have any advise?
Many thanks

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Wow, you did something good as I have never seen a Hebe grow that big. The close up does look like Hebe Salicifolia, as you mentioned in your other question, long shot made me think it was a type of Salix/willow.

Is there any growth under the top growth? Hebe tend to be woody underneath all their current top growth. I would want to cut it to just under the fence height and the reduce width to compliment. My concern is that that would reduce the plant by too much, so may shock it. If done at end of summer, you could prune it but use the cuttings for new plants - so you get a pruned plant and potential plants to replace it if it goes wrong.

10 Jun, 2011


Are the flowers purple, white or pink when they first appear?

10 Jun, 2011


More white with a hint of lilac as they get bigger.

10 Jun, 2011


Interesting - not convinced its the basic Hebe salicifolia but that's probably the closest - leaves seem very, very narrow and rather feathery. Be nice to see a photo when those flowers open. I'd be inclined to reduce it significantly in late spring rather than autumn, at least its got a growing season to recover then.

10 Jun, 2011


Goodness, it looks so different in this photo! Do you really need to reduce it - its such a nice neat shape. If you had something to the left of it with very contrasting leaf shapes and a different shade of green,
eg something with broad leaves and perhaps something tall and spear shaped like irises and/or something feathery it might look really good.

10 Jun, 2011


It is a Hebe and probably is close to the true species which is variable anyway regarding leaf width. We have a few old ones at work in an old neglected bed that are about twenty foot in height now! Slightly broader leaves than yours. the flowers are just forming in the leaf axils and should be either pure white or white with a slight hint of pink in bud.

I'll post a picture of the monsters at work sometime soon :)

11 Jun, 2011


Actually, this is such a good form I'd love a few shoots to take as cuttings. June/July is THE perfect time to take them too?........ :)

11 Jun, 2011


Thanks so much to all of you for your interest and comments, I'm feeling quite proud the old beast now! I will consider the irises suggestion although at the moment it is where we stand to look over the fence at the 4 fox cubs in next doors abandoned shed! Would love to see the photo of your hebe Fractal and you are welcome to have some shoots but I am an extremely new gardener and have no idea how I would do this. I live in Bournemouth - don't suppose this is near to you by any chance???? :)

11 Jun, 2011


Bejabo, because Fractal has put his location in his profile, if you hover over his avatar, you will be able to see where he is - doesn't just say UK like yours.

11 Jun, 2011


Its not the right time to plant irises anyway - time enough when the cubs are grown. Hope you can get some good photos.

11 Jun, 2011

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