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Astilboides tabularis - for shade?


By Lori

Ontario, Canada Ca

This plant is new to me, it has large leaves similar to Brunnera, it is a moisture loving plant, for shade or half-shade. Can anyone give me goods on this plant?

On plant Astilboides tabularis



Hi Lori
Recently renamed Astilboides (was Rodgersia tabularis) tabularis is native to Northern China. On a mature plant the leaves can be in excess of 24" across. It flowers in July with creamy white Astilbe-like flowers but you get this for it's leaves.
It likes partial shade and evenly moist soil. If you have Hostas, Ferns or Astilbes planted already and they are thriving plant this alongside them as the conditions are exactly the same.
Also leave plenty of room when you plant up as a mature specimen will get to 3ft tall by 3-4ft wide.
Hardiness zone - 4-7
Good luck Lori

11 Mar, 2008


Thankyou, Maple! Why do they tinker with names so much?
I have an old concrete fish pond that I built when we first moved in to this house ten years ago...when I made my present pond I just tried to drain the old concrete one and planned to sledge hammer it to pieces...well I'm not as young as I used to it sat and accumulated leaves and it actually stank...Gotta go! But got a brilliant idea in the shower (as usual) and decided to fill it in. if it still holds water so much the better...I'll make a bog garden! hence looking at stuff like Astilboides...Also found a Ligularia called 'The Rocket' that likes moisture...and is spectacular...large too, So now I have to decide which to go for... decisions...decisions...
Thankyou for your timely input...

11 Mar, 2008


You are very welcome Lori. Sounds like the shower is a great thinking zone for you lol Brilliant idea!
Apparently Astilboides is in a naming classification all on it's own poor plant. Guess we've got more changes to names coming

12 Mar, 2008

How do I say thanks?

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