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what is the vase life of a lupin

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doing a btec first certificate in floristry and can not find this information anywhere

On plant Lupinus



Googled this:
Lupin. Short lived perennial. Line flower. Will self seed. Many colors. Early July, 2 weeks. Vase life 5-7 days.

24 Nov, 2008


Hi Rachelsara, i am a florist, in all the years i have worked as a florist lupin is not one that i have ever seen as a cut flower, as Fourseasons has said short lived, and does'nt hold up at all well once cut from the plant, professionally speaking i think 5-7 is best end of the stick, if your lucky, and it would not hold up at all in oasis. so i have to ask are you sure it is Lupinus? have you been asked to ID the flower as well as specify vase life? if so delphinium, monkshood, and larkspur are all quite simular in colour and form and often used as cut flowers. if you have a pic, would be able to tell you.

25 Nov, 2008


Lupin could be a nuisance as the flowers drop as they age , perhaps Tree Lupin Lupinus arboreus with its smaller flower stems might be OK.

26 Nov, 2008


to be honest i have never seen either as cut flowers Poaannua, and yes quite right they do drop every where, i am thinking that maybe confussed with Monkshood - which is very popular in floristy and very simular in form. - although highly toxic. - i had a dog that nearly died from eating acconitum once, so always a good idea to wash hands after using it.

27 Nov, 2008

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