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By Dorjac

Essex, United Kingdom Gb

Is this a cordyline or some other plant?

What is this red berried shrub with yellow flowers please?

Img_1639 Img_1641



The yellow flowered shrub is a hypericum.

11 Jun, 2011


Can't tell, because I can't see the base of the plant - if its Cordyline, it should have a bare trunk beneath, if its Yucca, it probably doesn't. Yucca usually has spiny tips to its leaves as well, much sharper than Cordyline.

11 Jun, 2011


I can't see the base properly as it has a shrub in front of it Bamboo. It looks as if the leaves start a foot or so above the soil and it does have vicious spines at the tip of the leaf too. I will put up a picture of the flower spikes.

11 Jun, 2011


Currently the flower spike looks more like Cordyline, but its hard to tell - Yucca flowers tend to have one main flower stem, and they open out and fill the stem from top to bottom, Cordyline tend to have small spurs on the flowering stem, and smaller flowers with gaps in between. A photo when the flowers are fully open would confirm.

11 Jun, 2011


I would say it was a Yucca, The needles on the end of the leaves is definately a Yuccy point. :-)
But the flower stem is also how I have seen them growing round here. and underneath they have got a little trunk. Sadly I lost mine over the last winter, I had rescued it several years ago, from someone who had been trying to kill it with domestic round up with no success. I split it in two, Hubs has the other half. But possibly not fo much longer.;-)

12 Jun, 2011


2nd plant's flowers and berries resembleTutsan (Hypericum androsaemum) but leaves look a bit more pointed than I'd expect. Berries turn black later in the season. Maybe it's a cultivar as I've only seen the wild form.

12 Jun, 2011


Thanks Elleme For giving the Hypericum a name. There is another Hypericum next to it which is just yellow, like the one in my backgarden. The red and yellow makes a real statement. The leaves are a different shape than the shrub I grow. We used to have a pussy cat just like your avatar......Henry, long departed....great character too. I wonder if hypericums strike cuttings easily?

12 Jun, 2011

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