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Did anyone see 'Love Your Garden , itv on friday with Alan Titchmarsh? I watched eagerly. All 22 minutes of it. Where do the ITV producers get the idea the garden featured was a SMALL garden.!!!!!!

Loved the program, hated the adverts Plus it wasen't long enough. But ooohhh what a beautiful garden the lady had. I live in hope



Oh yes! I have to agree on the SMALL! garden...exactly what I was thinking. I enjoyed it though (minus the ads). Why do they have to put it on the same time as gardeners world? never mind I always watch Monty on bbc i player.

12 Jun, 2011


I missed EastEnders Cookygirl41 ha ha. Can't wait for next week. I'll have my tape measure with me lol

12 Jun, 2011


I don't think the garden WAS particularly large, it had just been planned out cleverly.
When you look at Dottdaisy's account/blog of it you can see there that it's not that large too.

So many people with small gardens don't dare to plan/design such a full space because they mistakenly think it'll make the area look smaller - it doesn't, it has the opposite effect.

Cookygirl, Alans programme is on half an hour before Montys, not at the same time.
This week will be an exception because the GW team are at the GW show in Birmingham.

12 Jun, 2011


Yes Louise1. I first started to watch one program then flipped over to the other side. I've read DD blog and I guess the cameras make everything look bigger. I wish I knew what to do to my city garden which is only 10 feet wide and about 60 or so feet long. Its all a bit of a muddle, As you will see if you read any of my blogs. I am no good as designing

18 Jun, 2011


60' long is a dream, mine is only about 30'x30' (at the front and back alike).

For long thin gardens like yours the expert designers always, always divide the garden up - as that's what creates width instead of length, i've seen it done a few times and the effects take your breath away.

18 Jun, 2011


Louise1 I have heard this too, but how?? I have thought about fence panels going across my garden and growing climbers up them but then I wont be able to see the garden in it's entirety from my kitchen window,

19 Jun, 2011


But that's the whole idea Great, it must NOT be viewed in its entirity if you do this design.

The parts that are visible from your 'then and there' vantage point (be it the house or when you're actually standing IN the garden) must only be a PART of the garden so that the person (you, or guests) admiring is enticed into the next part to see what interesting things lie ahead.
Have a look at Michaellas garden because she does this beautifully.

Don't just grow the climbers up them, plant some tall thin and some tall thick/bushy shrubs infront of them too so that winter and summer there is always greenery there (this will attract birds to for shelter/cover) .... this will mean spending quite a bit on plants at the initial outlay because otherwise you'll end up with dividers that are 'bare' in winter .... non-plant structures instead of green, leafy structures.

19 Jun, 2011

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