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I have 5 x 200 litre water butts - 4 are fine with minimal leave and insect debris but the 5th smells foul, like a ditch. Does this matter, and should I be addign anything to the water ?

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When did you last clean it out? 5 butts good for you I have just ordered another one for myself as its pouring here for the 1st time in ages

12 Jun, 2011


welcome to GOY

12 Jun, 2011


What's the easiest way to clean it out? Empty it and tip it over or what? My hubby insists on cleaning out the pond pump foam in one of mine and it's silted up!!

12 Jun, 2011


the silt etc is very good for your plants andits natural . plants dont mind the smell .

13 Jun, 2011


I disconnect my water butt tip out the contents on the grass for example, pour in some water swill it around and empty that as well and re connect.
Hi Leigh how are you and the dogs?

18 Jun, 2011


im fine thanx great and so are the dogs . i hope your good to .

19 Jun, 2011


yeah nosey im fine so is little Mischa she's 9 months now

19 Jun, 2011


ow brilliant im glad about that great x .

20 Jun, 2011

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