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By Taz

West Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

Hi, everyone, I have a ceanothus bush ,about 8ft tall. it suffered very badly last winter. all the leaves went brown and then dropped off. I thought I'd lost it. It has greened up quite a lot, but there are a lot of bare branches with new shoots at the base of them near by the trunk. There are very few flowers on it at the moment.Do I prune it's when it finished flowering and if so how hard,



Ceanothus seem to do this. You eventually get tempted to start pruning off dead bits but it gets worse and worse!! Take some cuttings from the new growth and, once they are rooted you can grow them on as replacements for the day when the Ceanothus finally turns up it's toes!

12 Jun, 2011


Yes, our ceanothus have done this too, but we have just left them, and one is back almost to nomal [to our amazement] and the other is just starting to fill out, so we are leaving them until next year to get a better picture of what is happening. It may mean a replacement plant [ we don't want to wait for years though for it to reach 7/8feet] so are not being too hasty.
Of course, if we have yet another killer Winter like the last 2, it will probably see them off.

12 Jun, 2011


Thanks volunteer and freeasadird, I would hate to lose it, it's quite a large space to fill

12 Jun, 2011


I can sympathise, we have a v similar one Taz. They are such lovely flowering plants, and the bees are BIG fans which makes it even better. They do seem to be a bit short-lived though and/or susceptible. I think ours is on it's last year but kindly throwing out some blossom all the same - as someone said here, it's a big plant to replace.

12 Jun, 2011

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