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By Millie

kent, United Kingdom Gb

please can some kind soul tell me what to do with my foxgloves never grown them before, have flowered beautifully but flowers have now all died from bottom to top so what to do next



They need to be pulled up after they have flowered as they are biennial which means they grow from seed one year and flower the next. The ones you have are now finished. Save some seeds, or they will probably seed themselves. They will grow and flower again in two years time.

12 Jun, 2011


thankyou GOY friends you never let me down.

12 Jun, 2011


I love foxgloves and so throw the seeds everywhere. This year I had a white one which was at least 5' tall (until the wind got it).

12 Jun, 2011


Is it good enough to just throw the seeds around or do I need to sow them carefully? I too have never grown them before and realise it will be a while before I see anything.....

12 Jun, 2011


I let them self seed in my garden and they are a bit promiscuous in that you may start with a cream one and end up with lots of colours ranging through white, cream, many shades of pink and many different heights. The birds love them especially the tits and goldcrests so leave them where they are and weed out what you do not want.

12 Jun, 2011

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