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plant name, please?

Shropshire, England Eng

I have a small section of this plant, but I've no idea what it's called. It seems to be mat-forming, spreading, perhaps ground cover? it has lots of little roots and when dug up the clumps break up very easily into individual stems - getting a group big enough to make a potful took some time!




Maybe a form of Campanula? Possibly 'Fairy Bells?"

13 Jun, 2011


Not Fairy Bells, Nariz but definitely a campanula.

13 Jun, 2011


thank you both! having been given that "starter for ten" I'll check out the family, thanks again

ps the nearest I can find on the BBC Plant Finder is Campanula carpatica 'Blaue Clips' so I'll go with that for now, but will keep looking

*s* the main bar to identification is that all the pics I see are properly taken of excellent plants, where mine's a snapshot of some fairly negelcted ones!

13 Jun, 2011


Yours is mixed in with a Vinca - I'd dig up the Campanula and plant separately.

13 Jun, 2011


This is one of the beds at Dito, a local disabled charity. I took enough bits for a pot from another bed- there was stacks in all the beds. hope I took the right bits!

I didn't know anything about Vinca, even the name; another learning opportunity *s*

13 Jun, 2011


Its a campanula but pretty sure its not carpatica, which has bigger flowers than that.

13 Jun, 2011


maybe I should try a closer up pic, even if not a "personal portrait" of a single one, as a lot of the pics I'm looking at are - a lot of them show the flower fully open, where it seems to lose the bell shape completely, so it's hard to try to match two different shapes from two different angles!

But at least you nice people have told me the family name. which is more than I knew before! so at least now I cn look up general how-to's, which should work across the species.

14 Jun, 2011


It might be C. muralis, the flowers are right, but sight of a good clump of leaves belonging to it would help.

14 Jun, 2011


I'm afraid the gardens at Dito are getting a bit the worse for wear now, but I'll see if I can find a better bunch.

14 Jun, 2011

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