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vase life and conditioning method for in a vase

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can you tell me what is the vase life and conditioning method for strelitzia, i am studying floristry at college and have to do a cut flower project. one of the flowers is strelitzia and we have to find out these things. if you could help me i would be very grateful but can you let me know asap please. thanks sarah



Hi Sarah, Strelitzia, or AKA Bird of Paradise, is quite long lasting depending on how you care for it, conditioning is easy, you simply cut approx 1.5" 45 degree angle with a sharpe florits knife, and then you stand in clean fresh water. to prolong the life, you need to dead head regually, the top of the flower (orange and blue bit) can be removed every 3-4 days and the next one must be teased out of the the pod, carefully, if left on the plant the plant will do this it's self, but once cut from the plant it needs a helping hand. each pod can hold upto 10 replacement flowers, so how long it lasts would really depend on the size and quality of the stem, if you are talking grade 1 then i would say anything upto 4 weeks, as long as you keep dead heading and recutting stem and changing water.

27 Nov, 2008


i can give you 1 tip cut the stalks at an angle it gives more service area

28 Nov, 2008


NP is quite righ a 45 degree angle will give the largest surface area, and also alows the stem to drink from the bottom of the vase if you cut flat, it will sit flat on the bottom of the vase, hense blocking the dringing area.

28 Nov, 2008

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