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Oca oxalis.

North Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

I am not a veg grower but I love anything different. I just bought some seed Oca oxalis. The instructions are simply 'plant late April, early May . Do not harvest before November'. Anybody got any real details on this plant please?




Hi John,
I have never grown these myself, but I know you need lots of patience to grow them.
If you Google them you should be able to find out more about them.
Hope you enjoy your new adventure.

27 Nov, 2008


Hi, John,

I know nothing about this vegetable. What is it, and why did you buy it? Is it from S. America or Chile?

Don't forget that I plan on becomming the UGNI King of Sequim. Forget the lavender -- stinky little shrub that it is.

I will have the Ugni corner on food. Ugni burgers, Ugni bangers (in your case), Ugni Pemmican and finally Ugni shakes. I think I am on to a real winner here.

28 Nov, 2008


this isnt much to do with your subject ever tried growing some herbs and veg for there beauty.i grow fennel and globe artichokes but i dont eat themso much life loves them,the globe has such a lovley blue flower against such a stark thistle like is related .they look lovley and get brilliant isect life.the beez realy seam to get drunk and do stay overnight.i can stroke them and its more of a zub than a buzz lol an esssentil couple of plants in your borders.if you get bored you can eat them lol

28 Nov, 2008


Thanks Bob. I'll Google them. Just thought that if someone on here had grown them I might get a few sensible tips.


28 Nov, 2008

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