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By Wmiller

Greece Gr

I have 2 acres of trees, shrubs and flowers of various types. I am also not that experienced in care of plants and I am looking monthly care calendar by plant name or a website that provides detail care by plant. I've looked on the Shoot website but it is very generic. Does anyone know of a website providing this service



Hi Wmiller. Welcome to GoY. I use Shoot but it is, as you have noticed, geared to the British seasons. They are very good for here but I don't know of one that could help in Greece. We have at least one member in Greece who may spot this and help but from me it's 'sorry'.


29 Nov, 2008


There is a good pruning programme on the world wide webb, if you type in Pruning Trees & Shrubs. there are a variety of sites there which are very good and generally I think apply whichever country. general rule of thumb is flowering shrubs prune directly after flowering. Fruit trees in the late winter. but worth looking on these sites.

29 Nov, 2008

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