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Myparadise plant bloomed after 5 years but has failed to bloom the past 2 years the looks healthy WHY


By Georgem

United Kingdom Gb

Grown from seed now 7 years old bloomed after 5 years not since



Hi George and welcome to GoY. There are several possible reasons for this. Some of them (and somebody may add to the list) -

1) Not enough light. We have just had 2 very bad summers in most parts of the UK. You don't say where you are but I assume you have had very grey skies as well. Even in a greenhouse or airy conservatory it could be struggling, and on a window ledge I would have said it would definitely have problems.

2) Not warm enough. Again 2 lousy summers so if it hasn't been in a warm area, again it would struggle to flower.

3) Is it pot-bound? Usually not a good thing but strelitzias have to be to flower properly. If you have re-potted it then it probably has too much room.

4) They like feeding but they are again a bit weird. They like to have there fertilisers alternated. Some growmore, some sea-weed or kelp fertiliser, some tomato food.

Beautiful plants and someone else may be able to add to this list but I hope that gives you something to start looking at.


29 Nov, 2008


I always stand mine outside during the warmer(WHAT warmer months) months as I do with my Christmas cactus

29 Nov, 2008


Me too Bren. They weren't out much this year. LOL.

29 Nov, 2008

How do I say thanks?

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