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By Harli

Washington, United States Us

Wow you guys are brilliant, thank you so much.

Andrearichter ~ Yes it is Forsythia and I have 3 of them. I love the Heather, just didn't know what it was. It grows clear across the front of my yard. It was amazing watching Mt. St. Helens erupt. We were crossing the mt. pass when it happened and could only go halfway as the ash was building up too fast and got in the car engine. Speaking of mountains, if you notice a new poster below using the name Oskaneen, that is my older sister Iris and she lives in Anchorage, Alaska. Not only do they have mountains they have incredible blue glaciers. She is a true gardener, it just skipped me.

Owdboggy ~ That's good to know and he should know after planting so many. It appears our former owner had a compost pile off in a corner of her garden. I wondered what that was there for. Do I add the compost to the hole before I plant the tree along with the bone meal?

Jacque ~ I would send you anything you wanted but I imagine the rules are quite strict about mailing plant materials. Are things starting to grow in your area? We have mild weather where I live most of the Winter. I was surprised to see pussy willows still on the trees, I thought those would have died during the winter.

Hazel ~ Oh I do hope those are Iris's, I just love them. Although my favorite flower has always been peonies. I could never remember the name of them so my Mother knew when I called them pretty ponies. Ha Ha Is it unusual for the bulbs/roots to be on top of the earth? The (heuchera) looks like loose leaf lettuce to me. (I know it isn't) You're the third person to suggest viburnum and they smell so wonderful. There are three huge bushes in a row and the smell is awesome.
The blue spruce is an incredible tree and the house is just 17 yrs old so it's at least that old. It's in mint condition.

Majeekahead ~ Thank you for the welcome and I so love my view of Mt. Rainier. I could never live anywhere I couldn't see it anymore. I lived in California for awhile, but this is the place for me.

Maple ~ I loved the south of France. I toured Europe many years ago and in France we went to Paris of course, then Nice and Lyon. Beautiful countryside.
I was also in England but mostly around London. The nicest people lived there and it was wonderful to understand the language even if it was the Kings English. Ha ha


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