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I have finally finished the actually landscaping from farmyard to garden. I have created 4 flower beds which are still quite empty and thought I might try cuttings for the first time. Do I have to have a greenhouse for this?



Depends what cuttings you're taking - lots just need a cold frame, others might need bottom heat, other hardwood cuttings can be struck outside in the ground in autumn.

15 Jun, 2011


It might depend what cuttings you want to take, but mostly you can get cuttings to root without a greenhouse. Hardy perennials that are used to being outdoors should root easily enough now. So should many shrubs. You can also split many perennials. Don't forget growing from seed as well.
Do you know what plants you'd like to grow?
Anchorman did an interesting blog on cuttings - I think it may have been last year.
Found it -
This method should work on lots of plants

15 Jun, 2011

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