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Charente, France Fr

Does anyone know what this weed is?

It's appearing in swathes on any patches of bare earth.

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Looks like a Crassula of some kind, not sure what variety. Might be worth leaving if its in an area you haven't cultivated yet to see if it flowers.

15 Jun, 2011


Thanks Bamboo,
I do have a little border which I could leave it in.

15 Jun, 2011


how about Summer Purslane (Portulaca Oleracea)...
you can eat your way through it as it's is a culinary herb.
i had loads of it in my last garden, must admit i didnt actually eat it but it is groundcover and easily pulled out.
they are tender.

31 Jul, 2011


Hi Resi,
I can't eat my way through it as quickly as it is colonising my garden!
It does pull up easily....but BOY does it spread!!!
bwt...what do you do with it, culinary speaking....

31 Jul, 2011

i found this site on its health and cul. properties
it tells you better than i can, i never knew it was THAT good!
i remember it spreading :-))
but funny enough i havent seen it in my present garden, not many miles away from the old one.
looking at this website makes me think i ought to go and pull some up there as i am sure it still flourishes, i could never get rid of it either

1 Aug, 2011


i just saw you are relocating to Nigeria, will you keep your GoY blog going from there?

1 Aug, 2011


I do hope so, Resi...I have someone looking after things here and will be back for the summer months...and I'm hoping to start some sort of outdoor green space as soon as I get to Africa...gardening in two continents! Should be fun!

I am now going to check out that summer purslane link, thank you! :)))

1 Aug, 2011

How do I say thanks?

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