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i have several dead patches in the grass, possibly due to female dog urine. how do i make the grass grow green again



Its known has Bitch burn, have you got brown patches that have a ring of lush grass round them, this a sure sign of bitch burn, two things you can do one is obviously try and keep the dog off the lawn, and you can get some tablets that you give the dog which i think reduces the amonia in the urine, julien.

15 Jun, 2011


Bitches urine usually burns the grass when they are in season. Having had dogs for over 40yrs the only remedy I can recommend is to give your girl a corner of her own, and reseed every now and then. Failing that encourage her to pee in the same place and then you can treat the burnt grass.

One assumes it is a bitch you have, although assumption is a dangerous thing.

Giving your dogs chemicals to alter their urine cannot be good for them.

If your dogs urine is unusually smelly or a deep colour then I would say take him/her to the vets for a urine test.

But personally if your dog is in good health the first option usually works.

15 Jun, 2011


An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of the darlin' as she noses around, and when you see her squat, run out with a watering can, and pour a gallon or two of plain water where she just went. That will dilute the acid and nitrogen right away, so it doesn't burn. If she fools you, and you get a burnt spot anyway, run the hose slowly on the spot for 15 minutes or so, and that will purify the ground there. If you have a spreading type of grass, such as Bluegrass, that will fill in over the next month. A clumping grass, such as perennial rye, will need to be replanted.

15 Jun, 2011


It is possible to train dogs to only toilet on one sort of terrain eg. gravel. My older male dog was very good and knew where to go and not go...not having any luck with younger bitch though...

...vigilance required, whatever you do!!

16 Jun, 2011

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