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Oh dear, I was very proud of my sweetpeas until I saw Monty Don's on tv the other night.He had 1 sweetpea to 1 cane...being a 1st time gardener they were very tiny when I planted them so I got carried away and put 4 around the bottom of my now they are very very bushy and growing like mad but they are wild and nearly to the top of the wigwam now..they look more like runner beans ..ooppps .Is there anyway I can thin them out or shall I just take some out by the roots to leave room for the others...they are in a very large pot.Thankyou.



I put 2 to a cane in a wigwam Kate. I think this is a wait and see? any sign of flowers there should be if they are so bushy/tall?
I dont think you can take any out with out damaging the rest as they are so intertwined.
The problems maybe: Leaf Scorch – leaves lose colour from the bottom upwards and dry off or 'scorch' but the plant continues to flower until the top is affected. Another maybe that they get powdery mildew if the weathers dry and they get wet so make sure you water around the base only, trying not to splash the leaves making the plant wet.
Feed every 7-10 days with a weak feed as they will be competing with each other again only around the base of the plants. Cut off most of the tendrils as these will strangle the flowers if left and look unsightly, the more you cut the flowers the more you should get. Good luck.

16 Jun, 2011


Thankyou...I'm going out now scissors in hand :)

16 Jun, 2011



16 Jun, 2011


don't know what Monty was doing but for next year have a read

16 Jun, 2011


Thankyou this is very usefull..I will know better next year :)

18 Jun, 2011

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