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I have a 3 yr old cordeline plant that has sufferred from the previous cold winter and has now stopped growing. However there are at least three shooots that are emerging from the base of the plant. As these are strting to grow outwards can they be removed for re-planting or is there a way to correct their growth into a vertical format?




The only way to grow on one of those side shoots is if its coming from the base, off the roots, and you can get a good piece of root with it. Your other alternative is to cut the plant down to where the new growth is and let it all grow on - you will end up with a plant that looks more like a phormium than a cordyline, but attractive nonetheless.

17 Jun, 2011


Thankyou for your excellent advice. As a result of your answer I have decided to cut the plant back to the point above the new shoots. Hopefully with some appropriately placed canes I can train them to grow vertically, or at least give it a go. I have accordingly refrained from detaching them from the main plant.
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17 Jun, 2011

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