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Aloe vera is half dead

ontario, Canada Ca

well i have a aloe vera that i got from my grandmother and it has not done well from the first day i got it. It is always looks scagly and half dead and i dont know what i am doing wrong? It is in inderect light and i water it once a month and it never seems to get better,,,, so what should i do to make it look healthy?

On plant Aloe vera (Aloe)



My Aloe vera is in direct sunlight and thrives. I find that they like to be fairly pot bound so make sure your pot is not too big. Mine gives off lots of offsets every year and I 'bring them on' in very small pots in the green house.

12 Mar, 2008


Where do you live? It might need more water. Check the roots and make sure they are not black. If they are the plant has to much water. You should not water it at all during the winter months. Your Aloe vera plant should have nice yellow roots. If you need more help feel free to email me. jason.berkes (at)

We are the largest Aloe vera grower in the USA.


Jason Berkes

13 Mar, 2008


well i live in zone 5 and it has brown roots and the leaves are alway flat and produce little to no aloe and a funny thing about the plant for some reason the plants leaves baloon up for some reason like there is a pocket of air in the leaf ........... it is very strange jasonberkes.

16 Mar, 2008

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