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Yellow Shade Tolerant Daylily


By Judi

Smith/Texas, United States Us

I need to find a yellow shade tolerant daylily.



There are some, for example Hemerocallis Lilioashopdelus
which will tolerate partial shade - or do you mean full shade? I don't know of any that will flower well in that situation - perhaps another member does.

6 Dec, 2008


Hi Judi, i have some lovely orange ones - i am affraid i don't know the variety name as they were already here when i move in, but they flower nicely in quite a shady spot, so i am sure that there must be yellow ones that will do the same. in all honesty they are pretty robust plants anyway, and you could always move them if they don't perform well.

6 Dec, 2008


Hi, I feel the same way...I have a really rough yard to plant, rocky and muddy, but the daylillies do well in shade and sun and in any soil so far. It's kind of crazy, considering everything's a mystery so far. I'll look to see if I can find the name of the yellow ones I put in this year. They are the shorter variety, not the tall leggyones, and they've done great.

9 Dec, 2008


Thanks for all ya'lls help. My problem is that the flower bed I can see from my patio is ALWAYS in the shade due to the overhanging eaves and the way the house is located on the lot :(
I was hoping there might be a daylily that could tolerate that kind of shade.

9 Dec, 2008


well you can but try Judi, as i said before if they don't perform how you want them too they can always be moved, an ideal plant for a full shade location would be something like Hosta, they have a great wow factor and thrive in shade, only thing is i don't know of any yellow ones, they mainly come in purples lilacs and whites, but that does'nt mean they don't exsist maybe someone esle would know, but if i were you i would try the yellow day lillies first if that is what you have your heart set on, shade certainly wont kill the plant, as long and as you don't allow them to dry out. good luck would be interesting to see how you get on.

9 Dec, 2008

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