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Do I need a greenhouse?

Hey guys, I have been looking into greenhouses and am a bit confused. I really want to start getting things ready to start growing from seed and taking cuttings etc. Now the problem is we have a huge garage in our garden that is bigger than my old flat. It has two brand new double glazed lace effect windows. One south facing (but slightly shaded due to trees) and one west facing. It has a heater and electricity.

So my question really is do you think that I would be able to convert some of the garage into a greenhouse? I have quite a lot of space in here but not a lot in the garden for a decent sized greenhouse!

Many thanks :O)



You should be able to use some of the garage to start seeds off at least until you work out what you really need.

21 Jun, 2011


yes convert the garage near the big windows into a plant area, if you put tables near the window the plants will get light and also be protected from frost, u might have to turn the plants if they grow towards the light. could you put patio doors in the side of the garage then use it as a garden room cum greenhouse, can you put a pic of garage on here does side of garage face garden? sounds like you could make smashing use of it, wouldnt cost too much to put patio doors maybe extra windows in as well, dont think u need planning permission to do this but u could check.....

21 Jun, 2011


As long as you can ventilate it and get enough light? I would say yes and shelf stands like staging sold quite cheaply in DIY stores would be good in front of the windows. Depending on the size of your garage its going to cost a lot to heat though? Have you looked at those mini plastic green houses, stood by the window would cut down on heating?

21 Jun, 2011


Hey guys thanks for the advice, as always I knew I could count on you to help me out :0) Cazcat unfortunately it's not long since we forked out far too much money for the windows. Now then we need a new garage door that unfortunately doesn't face the garden and it would be a long way off if I ever could adapt patio doors to face the garden. Too much work to be done on the main house I'm afraid. However I have been considering glass fold back doors instead of the door we have now to bring more light in. That too would be a while off yet though.

DRC we fully heat the garage through winter because we have our Guinea pigs in there. I have been considering various options and thought about those mini greenhouses do you think they would help? Or would those stackable shelves in front of the window be better? The windows have real good ventilation and we have a real lot of space in there so room is no issue really just lack of light in some places. Is there a way I could do it artificially? It has electricity and overhead lighting also :0)

21 Jun, 2011


By the time you are sowing seed there should be enough light coming in through the windows. I wouldn't get the shelving too close to the actual windows so that you can open them when needed. Using artificial light to propagate would mean special bulbs... I'd just give it a go next year and see what happens :-)

21 Jun, 2011


If its heated anyway then shelves would work if you got the ones with little wheels on then you could move them to open/close the window. You are going to have to watch the windows if you have animals in there dont want foxes, rats to get in even mice you might need a metal mesh?

21 Jun, 2011


Thanks guys I think I'll give it try on shelves with wheels like you say DRC. The windows have locking mechanisms that allow them to give good ventilation but nothing can get in or out so the piggies will are safe and sound. I think they'll like having plants around them :0)

21 Jun, 2011



21 Jun, 2011

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