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I have several tomato plants in the greenhouse, and they have started to produce fruit. The trouble is leaves, eventually turning to tomato plants, keep growing at the ends of the fruiting stems. Why do they do this? I feed with comfrey liquid and chicken manure pellets, and keep well watered. I have been just cutting off these extra growths. Am I feeding too much? Annie



So, each truss is producing leafy stems at the tip? Or is the main stem continuing to grow after producing a truss?

22 Jun, 2011


Yes I have seen this (for the first time) this year, I just assumed it was variety. I'm growing 4 types and have leafy growth on the end of the fruit truss on my Black Russian only.

22 Jun, 2011


I think this is just a freak of certain varieties and not something that you have done with various feeds. Just pinch out the new gowing tips at the ends of the fruiting trusses.

22 Jun, 2011


Thanks for your answers--I'm glad I'm not doing anything wrong--that you all know of, anyway!
Tug, the end of each truss is producing leaves which turn into small plants. It happened last year as well, but as the plant didn't seem to suffer when I cut them off, I'll carry on doing that. Thanks again, Annie

22 Jun, 2011


Thank you Anne! I'll admit that I haven't seen this before. Live and learn! : )

22 Jun, 2011

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