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The council just sprayed my entire garden (25-35 mph winds blew spray everywhere but on the roadside weeds they were intending to kill) with weed killer - presumably glyphosate. I immediately went out and watered everything down hoping to wash it off. Any other measures I could take or other advice/suggestion would be greatly appreciated.



You should take this up with council, they should never have been spraying in such windy conditions without some sort of engineering control to offset the conditions. This is usually a hood around the nozzle or a coarse droplet nozzle which is less likely to drift. It might be worth taking photos of the garden every couple of days to catalogue the damage the spray drift does.
As far as limiting the damage goes, as long as the spray hadn't dried a good soaking to wash it off, or at least dilute to a less harmful dose, is about all you can do.

22 Jun, 2011


As eggboy says, you should contact Highland Council immediately. I would think that it was Roads Department who were doing the spraying so that is a starting point. Also complain to Environmental Health.
As the council is likely to try to look after its own; you could also try SEPA (01349 862021). Whilst SEPA's main interest would be the pollution of watercourses they should be interested in the misuse of the herbicides by the council and give them a talking to. Insist on speaking to the local pollution officer.
If you don't get satisfaction the complain to your councilor and MSP.
Washing the herbicide off straight away was the only thing that you could have done, now wait and watch.

22 Jun, 2011


Other than washing all the leaves and stems obsessively there isn't really anything you can do. The instructions on weedkillers usually tell you not to apply before rain, so you need to supply a jolly good "rainstorm".
And complain, obviously :-(

22 Jun, 2011


Take photgraphs of everthing before the damage appears so you can prove how your garden looked before they sprayed.

22 Jun, 2011


First may I say hello and welcome Cordelila.

Yes I would to put in a complaint .

So hope nothing has been damaged.

But maybe with all this rain should be ok.

23 Jun, 2011


Thanks to everyone that answered - it's good to have so many of you 'holding my hand'.
Typically - the day they sprayed was the only 24 hour period that was completely rain free for the past month!
I have complained to various arms of the council, response being lukewarm at best.
The SEPA idea is interesting though, I could happily run with that.
Am still considering the MSP thing.
Thanks again to everyone. :-)
It's a waiting game now.

24 Jun, 2011

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