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Can anyone identify these poppies? Are they opium poppies, and if so, which? they appeared by themselves; I didn't plant them - honest! They have purple flowers and are about 3ft high. The petals are lacerated and the flower appeared to be 'squashed' for most of the time as if flattened between your hands. Only opened on the last (very sunny) day before the petals fell off.

Dscf0307 Dscf0344 Dscf0311



Papaver somniferum , I think

22 Jun, 2011


Oooo my wife is VERY jealous, how lucky are you to have poppies popping up unexpectedly- what a lovely find Pegtash :0)
Will you be storing the seedheads to propagate some more for next year?

22 Jun, 2011


I get these 'wild poppies' appearing in my garden too and there is a wide variety of colours and petal shapes. Keep the seed and sow it for next year, I just tend to sprinkle it around areas that need a bit of colour about May June and they just get on with it!

22 Jun, 2011


You're soooo lucky! I love poppies. Very jealous, they're gorgeous :o)

22 Jun, 2011

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