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Can you please help with identification of this plant


By Vynjan

Pinelands , Western Cape, South Africa Za

grows to approx. 1.5 metres . attracts a large amount of bees. flowers spring to summer in Western Cape South Africa

On plant not known




I think it is Echium.

15 Dec, 2008


Certainly looks like Echium vulgare Wyeboy. It certainly isn't pininana. Lol.


15 Dec, 2008


Thank you Wyeboy and John . Further investigation leads to " Pride of Madeira " - Echium Candicans . Now all I need to know where I can obtain either plants or seeds in my neck of the woods - Cape Town South Africa.


15 Dec, 2008



I am sure you can get all the seed sources from your wonderful arboretums.

We ows S. Africa for so many of our wonderful plants.

16 Dec, 2008


Vynian. These seeds come up regularly in season (which I'm afraid in this hemisphere you have just missed) on I believe that someone is still selling Echium pininana seeds even this late on but I haven't seen E.candicans seed for a couple of months although the Hotplantco is selling plants. If you want E. pininana seed then give me a shout next September. I always have loads. Although they are from south Europe they survive here.


16 Dec, 2008


Skyline and Sarraceniac, thanks for the feedback . I have found a couple of local sources which I will follow up. We are busy converting our back garden into a vegetable plot keeping as near to organic as we can , so far planted tomatoes, beans, chard, peppers, chillies, leeks, various herbs, etc. feeding with " worm tea " - everything looking great so far - can't wait for harvest time .

regards Mel

16 Dec, 2008


Yep, definately an Echium Candicans but they are also known as Echium fastuosum. A much smaller plant than Pininana and more compact. You could try Wildpretti as well which has a pink flower spire. Google some images of these plants, they are lovely. If you live in South Africa, these plants will be in their element and will self seed freely and will get very invasive so take care. Pininana is a biennial, not too sure about candicans and wildpretti. I'm sure Kirsteinbosch (sorry if the spelling is wrong) will know where you can obtain seeds.

16 Dec, 2008


Echium gives me a rash, the one i grew in the garden hads died due to the frost luckily the one i kept in the greenhouse is ok :))

17 Dec, 2008

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