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Is that Dahlia plant? Also, what is eating its leaves as I don't think it is slugs/snails?




It looks like a Dahlia and looks (to me at least) like slug/snail damage rather than Caterpillars, but it could be any herbivore insect.

24 Jun, 2011


I think if it was caterpillars they'd have eaten more than that! Can you see any silvery snail trails, Aimankay? if not, it's something else. Try putting a few slug pellets around the plant and see if you catch anything. It could be tiny caterpillars, so give it a spray with systemic insecticide to be sure. The plant looks healthy enough, anyway. Annie

24 Jun, 2011


Thanks Kildermorie and Anneashby,

I have not seen any silver trail. I have put some pallets and didn't see any snail/ slug dead afterwards either. I have removed the affected leaves and will see if it happens again.

27 Jun, 2011

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