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I have a Black Bamboo in a large container, should I restrict the height and remove lower branches?

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I also have a black bamboo. I love the height that it offers as you can use it around the garden to block out views you dont want to see such as other houses etc.

I do though trim off some of the lower growth, leaves, branches so that you can see the stems. As they look great, all shiny and black at this time of the year.

20 Dec, 2008


We do trim off some of the height or remove alternate branches at the top of tall stems if they get weighed down too much when they are wet. We find that the black bamboo culms are thinner than many of the other bamboos and find it harder to stay upright.

20 Dec, 2008


actualy dressing the bamboo ie takinig of all the growth of bellow a certain height includiding slimmer stems premotes the the thicker better looking stems.bamboo starts of the same thickness at the ground as it will ever has over 2000 seperate uses.its the second fastest plant on the planet second to kelp.the first light bulb elements were made of is all things to some men and some things to all men.most diverce plant on the planet.chop the bottem out of the container and plant the hole thing if you want it more robust.i hope ive helped.bye for now and happy xmas

20 Dec, 2008


Now I've learned something today! I shall be out there tomorrow trimming off some of the lower growth - I assume this applies to my gold bamboo as well??

Thanks for the advice, all.

20 Dec, 2008


yes it does youl be amazed how quick the bigger shoots grow once you have dressed it.ive sean a maze made out of gold bamboo and it was awsome

21 Dec, 2008


i wouldnt trim the hight your better of getting a shorter variaty myself

21 Dec, 2008


I understand that you should take out some of the mature (Black) stems to leave more room at the base.

My plant, in a large pot, has only just reached a good height after three or four years, and a re-potting

22 Dec, 2008


you have to understand that the black bamboo can and wants to get as big as any planter.i baught some of the gold bamboo early last had four mane stems that i like and lots of leaves thin stems etc.i was told to dress it next summer but if you know me youl know i wont do that without a good reasen.i dressed it strate away up to about three feet and took everything but the four mane the end of this summer i have nine mane thickish stems about eight feet tall.theres also about 3 stems i can see ready to rummble next spring.there must be more advice is repot into something a lot bigger and yes dress out what you dont want even if its a foot of the ground at dont leave more room at the bottem you just leave the plant your option of wear it sends its cant grow the little stems if there not there

22 Dec, 2008

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