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What is the name of my Euphorbia, please?

West Somerset, England Eng

This Euphorbia was given to me about 18 months ago. Up to this month, it has just sat there - growing. it is about 2'6" tall now. I looked at it today and was astonished to find that its tips were flushed red and some appear to be developing into buds, too. I've posted close-ups on my page. I'd love to know what species it is. Does anybody know, please?

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I think it may be a variety of Euphorbia griffithii. but I have only grown it once a long time ago so perhaps you should get another opinion. Best Wishes for Christmas.

21 Dec, 2008


It looks a little bit similar to one I grow called 'Redwing' but yours looks bigger

21 Dec, 2008


Really? My E. griffithii is deciduous and the foliage is a lot 'greener' not grey. I'll have to check it out, as I didn't know there were evergreen ones. Thanks for the thought and a Happy Christmas to you, too!

Andrew, does yours flower at this time of year? I've just googled E. 'Redwing' and found your photo there. :-) You could be right.

21 Dec, 2008


Just checked my photo and the tag is 'March' so that's when I took the picture (which is about what I would have expected)

21 Dec, 2008


So what is your plant doing now? Would you have a minute to take a look at it tomorrow and let me know, please Andrew?

21 Dec, 2008


Lovely plant - I'm sure someone will know. Maybe x Martini? I see Amy agrees but I'm sure Andrewr will be able to confirm or refute.

22 Dec, 2008


My 'Redwing' is looking similar to your photo spritz but it is only half the height of yours. It is planted in full sun - is it possible yours is in some shade and is reaching for the light?

23 Dec, 2008


Yes, Andrew - it gets some sun but not a lot! That explains it, doesn't it.

Thank you very much for your help.

23 Dec, 2008

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