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Sweet Williams: Planted them last year, flowering lovely still, as the flowers die I deadhead them. Will the plants renew themselves for next year or will I have to take these out and put in new plants?



Sweet williams are biennial so you need to be growing more this year to flower next year. You may find a few survive that flowered this year but it is not usual.

26 Jun, 2011


leave some of the dead heads on and collect the seed and sow it as soon as you collect it. if they are big enough by the end of this year then you will have flowers next. You can sometimes get them to last if you do dead head them as the chemical triggers from the developing seed isnt there. lovely plants, havent grown them for ages.

26 Jun, 2011


I find that quite a few come back in their third year and flower a second time. The will also self seed a bit and keep going that way too.

26 Jun, 2011

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