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Can anyone identify this plant please?

Isle of Wight, United Kingdom Gb

I saw this growing in the Botanical Gardens in Ventnor Isle of Wight and it was about 10 ft tall by about 8ft wide. The leaves are light to middle range green and are like a maple in shape. The flowers appear on the ends of the shoot in the middle of the leaves.


Answers's a Sparmannia Andrea....I have a picture of it on my latest blog.

26 Dec, 2008


Yes, thankyou very much Janey, it definitely looks like Sparmania africana and believe it or not it was in the African garden.

26 Dec, 2008


I have Sparmannia Africana growing in my conservatory, in flower at the moment, with a photo on my site.

27 Dec, 2008


I think they are also known as the house lime and usually grown indoors, but I think gardeners are increasingly more able to get away with growing them outside in warmer parts of the UK

27 Dec, 2008

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