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Help with trees?


By Buzzbee

United Kingdom Gb

This is a question to anyone in Fife - Torbain Primary School in Kirkcaldy recently planted a lot of sapling trees that they had bought with a grant from the Woodlands Trust only for vandals to destroy them - they don't want to be beaten by the vandals and wondered if anyone had any cuttings of trees or unwanted trees they might be able to donate to replace those they lost? If so, you'll find them in the phone book. you can find out more by going to the Fife Free Press Website.



That's awful, Buzzbee, I'll keep my eyes and ears open. A suitable tree in this case would be birch. Pity it can't be used to punish these mindless thugs nowadays!

13 Mar, 2008


Buzbee ~ That is such a shame. Too bad all that energy can't be used to generate something good. I wish I could help, but Im a bit too far.

14 Mar, 2008


How awful I cant really print what I feel about these vandals ,sorry I cant help myself but I like David will keep my ears and eyes open

14 Mar, 2008


OMG this is awful im so sorry&angry2hear about this:( hope this makes you feel a little better ?? Where i live Many schools have also been given Money by Woodlands Trust&My Local Council 2 Help the Earth/Wildlife & make the town look better.Its been very very sucsesful with putting up Bird Boxes&planting Trees/Snowdrops&Making Kings Lynn amuch prettier place 2live in :)Take a look @the News Paper pic`s iv Posted Buzzbee

14 Mar, 2008


Maybe the children could grow some trees from seed - they could go and collect acorns - easy to grow and educational too.

14 Mar, 2008


Why don't you publicise this in your area and see if a kind business (or three) would sponsor new ones? I am HORRIFIED to hear what happened.

16 Mar, 2008


Glad to hear it, Buzzbee. Will that be enough to replace all the trees?

22 Mar, 2008

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