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Can I prune or even move Magnolia Stalata in June or July or will it die if I do. Thankyou VRH. I am now unable to move around my garden as I did, so if the tree was moved I would be able to easely see the rest of my garden. It is 64 foot long x 12 foot wide and the tree is about a third of the way from the house to the end fence. I must add, I don't want to damage my tree it looked so lovely in the Spring. I would appreciate advice before my family helpers can do whats needed. Thankyou VRH



The only trouble with pruning Magnolias (which they don't need, as a matter of course. However, if it is outgrowing it's space...) is that they resprout with vigorous, really vertical new growths that rather spoil the outline. It won't die if you prune it ( as long as you leave something above the ground!!) but you'll need to choose a new branch from the shoots and try to keep the natural shape. As for moving it, this should be done whilst it is dormant and also depends on it's size. Magnolias don't like root disturbance so it may not survive.

28 Jun, 2011


A big thankyou for your reply, it was very good of you to answer so promptly and with a wealth of information. My decision has been made 'my tree' will not be disturbed in anyway. Thanks again VRH

28 Jun, 2011


VHR I am so glad you have decided not to try to move your tree...

28 Jun, 2011

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