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Damage to trees by deer


By Fatlez

United Kingdom Gb

I recently planted 2 x appled trees and 1 x pear tree on my allotment (bought as presents).They are obviously very young. Probably 5 cm diameter max. It seems that deer have taken a liking to them (probably monk jacks) and eaten the bark off all the way round and up and the trunk (2 feet in height). Is there anything I can do to repair these? What can I do? Is it a lost cause? Are they dead? Any advice would be welcomed. Many thanks. Mike



Hi Mike. Sadly, if the bark has been stripped in a complete ring around the trunks, then the trees are said to be ring-barked and unfortunately will not recover. Even if they have not removed the bark from a complete circle but have removed large parts, this will allow decay to entre the trees and they might struggle on for a few years but will eventually succum.

If you plant trees again, get yourself some deer guards - they're a larger version of rabbit guard and consist of a stout plastic tube that encases the trunk. They don't look pretty, but they do work. Good luck. Sid.

27 Dec, 2008


hang some human hair in stockings round them that works

27 Dec, 2008


or look above lol sid

27 Dec, 2008

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