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do i have to treat cuttings off money tree plant before i pot them?

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have established money plant iz poorly if take off new shoots do i have to treet cuttin in any way before i pot them dont know if oriognal plant will survive thank for answers members clarissa



Hi Clarissa, welcome to GOY you have'nt said what the problem is with the plant that you have, if it is a virul infection of some kind, then yes i would treat it first, although, it is never advisable to take cuttings from a plant that is poorly, as the problem is likely to continue onto the new cuttings. Why not just replace it, they are easy to find and cheap to buy?

29 Dec, 2008


Hi If you take the cuttings, the only special requirement is that you leave them with the cut surface exposed for a day or two. This seals the stem and prevents rotting. At this time of year do not let the plants get damp. Do not water it. Overwatering is most usual cause of poor condition. Keep frost free but cool and dry. till end of February. There is a nasty little Aphid ,very small,looks like little black dots on the underside of the leaves, this can cause poor growth. An exception to keeping them dry is to clear them away with a jet of water from a hose, you may have to do it again in a week or two but is better than using Pesticide as that destroys the bloom on the leaves.

30 Dec, 2008


Couldn't agree more about the overwatering, I think it's the most likely cause for your problems. I keep mine in a cold greenhouse in winter (which is probably pushing my luck, although most have been fine out there). When one of them started rotting last year I think it wasn't only too cold, but it was too wet because it had more water than the others which were in dry soil. It still sprouted new leaves next spring from near the base though, so don't give up on it too quickly unless you're sure it's diseased.

30 Dec, 2008

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