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how good is cherry laurel at reducing noise?


By Mark73

Essex, United Kingdom Gb

I am looking at planting a row of cherry laurel to form a a high hedge to stop being over looked. Does any one know how well laurel is at cutting down noise? Thanks



It forms a really good thick evergreen hedge. I would think on balance it's as good as anything at blocking noise. Do be sure you have enough space for it tho as it does form a wide hedge. Keep it trimmed with secateurs to keep it nice and dense.

30 Dec, 2008


I agree with Sid, It's as good as anything else when mature.
If you have room a double staggered hedge would give a better effect.

30 Dec, 2008


Thanks sid and doctorbob1 for you help. Sounds like it will help me. Sadly I can only plant 1 row of the laurel. I was thinking of getting a company in to keep it in check once it is at the height I want, as I want it to be as dense as possible. I don't suppose you have any other tips in helping me to reduce noise through the aid of gardening? Thanks.

30 Dec, 2008


Clematis Montana is very fast growing and will grow thick to help keep out noise. You can grow it on pig wire which you can buy from a good fencing firm, with angle iron supports.

30 Dec, 2008


Hi, I've just placed an order for a beech hedge (with the help of my friend, DrBob) with On their home page, right hand side, green box titled Advice - there is a heading, "Noise Stopping Hedging", may be worth a look.

31 Dec, 2008

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