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how can i treat whitefly on my outdoor edible plants. also i have some sort of leaf miner on my lettuce. any help would be appreciated. thanks



Put the hose on your plants and simply spray the little menaces off. You can deter them from coming back by spraying with garlic spray. Not sure there is a lot you can do for the leaf miner, pull up the affected plants and compost?

1 Jul, 2011


I have grown African Marigolds and Nasturtium next to my tomatoes and other veg in pots. It's seems to be working at the moment. Apparently according my very old gardening friend whitefly don't like the smell of Marigolds & Nasturtium.

You could always go and collect some ladybirds from other parts of your garden or neighbours if they don't mind.

1 Jul, 2011

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