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I have had pot plants where there are a lot of ordinary ants and i'm sure they're the cause for them dying because the soil is riddled with them. I've been told ants don't harm plants though?



I don't think a plant would thrive really well if ants have a nest in it. They like to get under my aubretias. But they bloom when ants are not that active. Maybe a squirt of ant killer powder might help. This year seems to be the year of the ant in my garden. Everytime I put my arms in the vegetation they are all over me and sometimes bite.

2 Jul, 2011


Check your plants for green/black fly, ants are attracted to the sweet nectar they produce..

2 Jul, 2011


Ants prefer to nest in dry soil, are you watering your pot plants well enough? Also have you got them raised up off the ground on feet of some description?

2 Jul, 2011


Ant nests in pots can cause a problem with the water not actually soaking into the soil--it all runs away through the ant tunnels! Also, many ants will will cut roots as they burrow, unless they are the very smallest species.

2 Jul, 2011


Thanks for you answers, they've all been helpful and make good sense. I must admit, I've never bought 'feet' for my pots and just thought ants always find a way. Would ant powder possibly poison my plants?

10 Jul, 2011


No the powder wont poison your plants. As well as the feet you can also put something like a piece of J Cloth over the hole in the bottom of the pot and keep it on place with some broken crocks. Then the ants wont be able to get into the pots from the bottom at all.

10 Jul, 2011


Hi all, Moon growe what a fabulous simple, that's one for my book of tips and hints thanks...I generally use an ant gel or powder, the gel attracts the ants as its sweet, then they carry the poison to the nest like the powder...For Aphids etc ...Flowerpower I use my own mix of garlic in a spray...see my Blog on Aphids...

22 Jul, 2011

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