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Bucks, United Kingdom Gb

Hi there. I have a small garden in Buckinghamshire, UK and have decided to try and turn it into a Japanese style garden. I am keen to find inspirational gardens to visit which are not too far away and places where I can gain items for such a garden whilst being on a tight budget. Any information would be greatly received. With many thanks.



Compton Acres, near to me, in Poole Dorset has a renowned Japanese garden, not sure if this is too far away for you though ?
Essential ingredients are : rock or stone, gravel, water, and for plants Japanese maples, bamboos and pines, particulary Pinus thunbergii or Pinus parviflora species or cultivars, also you might like to try a larch, one of the Larix kaempferi cultivars would be suitable. All these would make a good foundation planting to start with. Only problem is materials and plants generaly don't come cheap for Japanese gardening. Good luck.

15 Mar, 2008


I first thing I thought of was Compton Acres!!! I love their Japanese garden.

I think the name of the game is using plants that look 'controlled' - i.e. things that are compact and rounded in shape and not too (what's the word) fluffy?! - have a look at Bluespruce's Garden bit of the site - some lovely dwarf pines/conifers!! Also, there is someone on here who was doing a DIY 'cloud box' i.e. clipping a box bush into cloud shapes - looked good and much cheaper to DIY than buy one already done - v. expensive to do that. Also azaleas - particularly where they will be reflected in water.

Water is important and also covered walkways (tho maybe too much for a small garden).

Good luck - and do show us some pictures of your progress!!

15 Mar, 2008


For something a bit closer, there is a garden in Berkshire (just south of Wokingham) open by appointment from April through to August. I've not seen it so can't comment on it but as it's in the Yellow Book, it has to be a high standard.

15 Mar, 2008

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