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Euci back from the dead eh!


By Euci

United Kingdom Gb

This spring, a mature Eucaliptus tree in my garden leaves turned brown and eventually completely shed. We assumed the tree had died for some reason and pruned it in preparation for removing the large trunk/root in the autumn. However, we have now noticed that it is shooting (little Euci leaves) right at the bottom of the trunk! Does this mean that it is not dead - and more importantly - should we leave it in to see if grows from the top next year?

Thanks Wendy

Thank you so much Bamboo. This is great news as it occupies a key spot in the garden. One further point - if we leave the trunk as it is (pruned to around 8 feet tall) will it shoot from the top of the trunk next year (as us in more regular trees) - or will we have to wait for it to grow again from the ground where the new shoots are showing?



Yes and yes - its not dead, just killed back to the roots by the harsh winter, and now its growing again off the same roots - it'll grow into a tree again, or you can keep it coppiced or pollarded. They will grow as a shrub if cut to the ground every year in March.

4 Jul, 2011

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