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What is this plant?


By Sid

Hereford, United Kingdom Gb

My mother had this plant for mothers day. I know it is a type of primula from the flowers, but I've not come across this one before. The lable was on the packaging, which was thrown away. Does anyone know how I should care for it?

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It looks like a plant I bought for myself about two months ago, Primula obconica. If so, it should be very happy on a cold windowsill or greenhouse. Mine said it had been bred to not have the usual problem with the leaves causing irritation, which is good to know....

15 Mar, 2008


Definitely Primula obconica. Be careful if it has fine hairs on the backs of the leaves - as Hazel says, they cause irritation for some people.

15 Mar, 2008


In my thompson and Morgan seed catalogue it shows a picture of my plant that it calls a Primula Obconica Twilly Touch Me F1 hybrid and says "Bushy, free flowering plants in a stunning mixture of 12 strong colours, including many bicolours. Unlike other Primula obconica varieties, Twilly Touch Me is primine free, so causes no skin irritation. This makes it ideal for growing as an attractive glasshouse or indoor pot plant. Height: 25-30cm (10-12 inches)." Hope that helps!

16 Mar, 2008


Thanks both. I've looked it up and defo D. obconica. I don't know if it is the hairy one - I'll examine it! I rather hope it is 'Twilly Touch Me', not least because I find the name most amusing!!

16 Mar, 2008

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